About Us

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Plants

The Green Machine, Inc. is a full service, wholesale foliage nursery, that concentrates on the production of quality specimen interior landscape plants. Our satisfied customers include national supermarket chains, regional garden centers as well as individually owned small garden centers and florists. Our uniqueness “stems” from our unwavering commitment to quality.

Each one of our Pothos or Ivy plants is full and lush. We use a custom soil mix, extra cuttings in each pot for fullness, and we clean, trim and leaf-shine our products before shipping. Our employees are taught the importance of shipping no less than top quality plants. They know that if you, the customer, receive a beautiful plant that you are happy with, you will have success in your sales, therefore creating turnover of our product and the desire to order more. We believe our overall business and future will suffer if we do not ship the best product possible every time you order. In other words, what we ship today represents our sales for tomorrow.

Please browse through our product list, look at the pictures and call for any further information you may need. We have available weekly sales lists and are also happy to discuss any pre-books and or special promotion orders you may be interested in.


Vision Statement

To satisfy the needs of our customers, to generate profits that can be used to further the personal and professional goals of our employees, to be a leader in our industry and to strive to make a difference in our community.

Mission Statement

The Green Machine, Inc. believes it is important to work together with our customers and our vendors so that we can produce a plant that when it reaches its final consumer it will create an awareness of beauty and a desire for more which represents our philosophy that what we ship today is our sale for tomorrow.

Purpose Statement:

At the Green Machine, Inc. our purpose is to produce and deliver the highest quality product for our customers. In order to accomplish this we ensure that our employees take ownership of the standards we use to create a quality product. In addition, we develop a partnership with our customers as well as our vendors so that we learn the needs of the consumers and then meet those needs at a cost that will allow all of us to meet our business goals.

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